How You Can Help

You can help make a real difference in someone's life and have some fun while doing so!

Host an Event  

*    Bake Sale      *Wine Tasting      * Community Potluck    

Food is a reliable way to attract attention and incentivize supporters to donate to a good cause!
 A  gathering of friends and neighbors to share a meal or other treat is the perfect way to strengthen your ties with your community, give your supporters a memorable experience, while raising support for the cause. Take the time to plan the event, promote it to your community, and find the right event space. Give attendees plenty of time to register for the wine tasting, or to bring a dish or baked good, and decide how much you want to charge for tickets.


Run a Raffle

50/50 raffle is a quick and easy way for individuals to raise money. The 50/50 raffle works like any other raffle — except the winner gets half of the funds you raise and the donation dollars raised becomes the other half. Since the prize is half the funds raised, supporters are more motivated to purchase raffle tickets and encourage their friends and family members to do the same.

Pledge Your Birthday

Instead of receiving gifts, ask your family and friends to donate a monetary gift to the cause instead.

Hold a Contest

* Most Adorable Pet Contest       *Cutest Baby Contest      

Everyone always thinks their own baby is the cutest, (fur baby or human baby!) so why not give them a chance to show them off? Charge an entry fee for those participating, and you could also charge for tickets for those who just want to come by and watch some adorable animals. If getting the animals (or all the babies) to come to a particular space is too difficult, hold it online and have participants submit images instead!

Use Your Social Media Connections

Create awareness and educate your friends, family, and co-workers, about Albinism, and how they can help both children and adults in Tanzania to overcome the the many challenges they face; health, safety, education, and poverty.  

Feeling Adventurous?  Consider Volunteer Teaching at a Pre-Kindergarten or Primary Grade School

There is currently a strong need to bring in additional teachers at the schools in Arusha, Mwanza, Dodoma, and in both the Kigoma and Burundi Regions. There are more children than qualified teachers at this time to provide a satisfactory student : teacher ratio.  Some of the schools also provide education to children with physical disabilities such as hearing and sight impairments.

The TAEHO United States - TAEHO Tanzania organization, based in the United States and owner of this website, does not manage or organize any volunteering efforts at this time.

What our organization will do is to introduce and connect you to the Tanzanian-based TAEHO non-govermental organization's director, Mr.Raphael Mkono.
It is through Raphael Mkono that the program details and contracts will be administered for those individuals who have a desire to volunteer their time and talents.
Please utilize the  CONTACT US area on this website if you have interest in volunteering and would like to receive the connection information.